Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Drawing tutorial 01 - Observing real life shapes

Hello Everyone!
I started a series of drawing video tutorials in my personal blog. We have chosen to post them here too and we hope you enjoy watching them. (QUI la versione in Italiano)

In this first video, I drew a horse by writing numbers on a sheet of paper. Each stroke
is a natural gesture my brain knows by heart, I did not copy any picture to create it as those are everyday symbols that we all use with the same speed and pressure every time.
Is it really good for us to take shelter in these safe every day, almost innate, gestures without allowing ourselves to observe and acquire new and unknown shapes? I decided to copy the second horse using a reference photograph, due to the inconvenience of not having a real horse in my studio (it could have helped though). My mind had to analyze the image and process the incoming data at the same time, elaborating this data with a set of tools/strokes it did not know before. It might sound obvious to say it, but you need to observe reality around you. It is easier said than done.

This is my second video. In this video tutorial I took a real arm as subject.
The weight of every stroke follows the shape and contours of the reference image.

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