Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Drawing tutorial 02 - The volumes

Last week we started with the First drawing video tutorial.
Today the videos are about volume and spherical shapes. (QUI trovate la versione in Italiano)

Just about every organic form can be constructed using circles or better yet spheres, given the fact
we are talking about volumes. Visualizing the form's various elements and decomposing them into spherical shapes can help you draw a body in a variety of poses. This procedure will help you keep the right spacing and proportions amongst the various elements in the picture too.

Subdividing the spheres' surface into longitudinal and/or latitudinal segments you will be able to get a better view of the volumes of the various shapes and you can also see the axis on which objects move in relation to each other. I have chosen to draw a cat because it's a very flexible animal and I could easily obtain quite unusual poses and easily trace proportioned limbs and head using spheres to build volumes freely. I advise you to always start from the "main body" and then trace the limbs and the head.

Drawing tutorial 01 - Tutorial disegno 01

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