Friday, April 13, 2012

iOS and App Store icons

Several icons needed for Universal app (click to expand)
Developing a good Universal application capable of running at its best on iPhone/iPod touch and iPad all with regular display and the retina one requires a lot of work, a non trivial part of which goes into making sure you have all the required and "suggested" icons available so that the application looks nice on the Home screen, on iTunes, and so on. With the new iPad and its retina display there is one more set of Icons for you to add, so other than suggesting to take a good look at the official Human Interface Guidelines document I would like to provide a small table with various icons and resources you need for your app and their suggested names. The icon names are not required to always be adamantly adherent to the old naming convention on new iOS releases, but it is better if you do follow them to maximize your app's compatibility with little effort after all.
I hope you find it useful, but if you have suggestions and/or errata to report please do so in the comments, thank you :)!

P.S.: you might find THIS tool useful.

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